Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

July 2-5, 2024


The 27th annual meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness will be held at the University of Tokyo on July 2-5, 2024. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Tokyo, Japan.

Proposals for tutorials and symposia at ASSC27 are now open.
Please submit proposals through the forms here:
  - symposium form:
  - tutorial form:
 (due by October 13, 2023).

Proposals for tutorials and symposia

We are now inviting proposals for symposia and pre-conference tutorials. The submission deadline is October 15, 2023.

Symposia Submission: Submit Here
The Program Committee welcomes symposia proposals on any topic pertinent to the scientific exploration of consciousness. Typically, each ASSC conference hosts four symposia, each lasting around two hours with four speakers. We encourage a diverse range of topics, especially those that might have been underrepresented in past conferences. ASSC prioritizes symposium proposals that center on specific questions over loosely related talks. Proposals that merge various methodologies around shared questions are especially valued. Intellectual and demographic inclusiveness are key criteria for selection. All symposium participants will receive complimentary conference registration.

Tutorials Submission: Submit Here
A core objective of ASSC meetings is to broaden researchers’ horizons in areas they might be unfamiliar with. We invite tutorial proposals on a spectrum of consciousness science topics, scheduled for the inaugural day of the conference. Presenters should not only share their own insights but also provide a comprehensive tutorial overview, fostering discussion, debate, and audience engagement. Each tutorial is designed to span roughly three hours, including a brief intermission. Tutorial leaders will be awarded an honorarium (one per tutorial, not per presenter). Tutorials may have 1-4 presenters, and if registrations fall below 10 participants, the tutorial may be preemptively cancelled.


Prof. Jun Tani

Prof. Jun Tani

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), Professor

Prof. Susanna Schellenberg

Prof. Susanna Schellenberg

Rutgers, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science

Prof. Yukie Nagai

Prof. Yukie Nagai

The University of Tokyo, Project Professor

Prof. Sarah Garfinkel

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

Conference Location

ASSC 27 will be held at the Ito International Research Center and Yasuda Auditorium on the Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo. This location is where the traditions of Japanese beauty and contemporary glamour come together in harmony. In the vicinity, you will find Nezu Shrine, renowned for its vermilion torii gates and serene gardens, as well as the lively Ameya-Yokocho, offering a unique shopping experience. You can enjoy a variety of culinary delights, from traditional Japanese cuisine to global gastronomic adventures, in charming cafes and restaurants both on and off campus.
We invite you to experience the fascinating fusion of beauty and knowledge at ASSC27.

Yasuda Auditorium
7 Chome-3 Hongo, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0033. Tokyo, 

Ito International Research Center
7 Chome-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0033

Local Organizing Committee & Scientific Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Ryota Kanai, Chair

David Ha

Hakwan Lau

Masafumi Oizumi

Shuntaro Sasai

Shigeru Taguchi

Makiko Yamada

Masatoshi Yoshida

Ai Koizumi

Yukie Nagai

Ying-Tung Lin

Olivia Carter

Lucie Charles

Won Mok Shim

Scientific Committee

Jacobo D Sitt

Megan Peters

Nadine Dijkstra

Rachel Denison

Lucia Melloni

Liad Mudrik

Carolyn Dicey Jennings

Sarah Garfinkel

Pedro Mediano

Robert Long

Ned Block

David Chalmers

Matthias Michel

More Information

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